Exporting Network

Our range including Polished Ceramic Tiles and porcelain tiles are praised for enhancing look of interiors by not solely domestic buyers but international clients residing in Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Bahrain, Brunei, Brazil, Botswana, Colombia, Germany, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Fiji Islands, France, United Kingdom, Georgia, Indonesia, British Indian Ocean Territory, Korea South, Kuwait, Morocco, Mexico, Oman, Paraguay, Qatar, Romania, Russia, South Sudan, United States Minor Outlying Islands, United States, Venezuela, Vietnam, Yemen, South Africa. We have huge exporting network that can be clearly seen in the number of international countries we export our range in.


Each department in the manufacturing unit handles various aspects pertaining to the tile production. We have best of the machines installed to ensure smooth production of around 3,00,000 boxes of tiles (4.32,000 Sq. meter) hence abiding by the deadlines.

Research and Development

Technological innovation is core of our competency and to obtain it, we are investing heavily in our research and development wing. Our entire focus is to finding out newer ways for enhancing the manufacturing abilities, product development and creating avenues for delivering best quality of Polished Ceramic Tiles,  Porcelain Tiles, etc,  at competitive rates. Our technical brilliance in the industry defines us and help us in staying updated with new market trends. We keep tab over latest technologies and incorporate them for altering current manufacturing process. Following are the areas which we focus:

Quality Assurance

Our efforts are directed towards delivering clients with best quality tiles and ensuring them complete value for money. Quality is one of the most essential factors and we make sure that we deliver only the best to buyers.